WordPress is best content management system for all bloggers and also for beginners. WordPress now including a lot of new trends in 2018 that will enhance user experience.Over 75% of websites are powered by WordPress
Here are the new design trends of 2018

User behavioral tracking

Google Analytics is the most popular tool to track user behavior. It allows you to track:

  • What web visitors do when they visit a website
  • When people visit a website
  • How web visitors are finding a website
  • WordPress easily integrate with various maps and tracking tools into web design through the use of plugins.
    Through this trend it will allow business to know more about their customers, reduce bounce rates, and convert visitors into customers.

    Drag and drop themes

    WordPress has now introduced many drag and drop themes like Avada,Flatsome and other popular themes uses drop and drop feature that enhance user experience and also beginners can take most of it.Now WordPress to continue its mission to be the most user-friendly content management system.This Drag and drop feature allow users to create and customize websites without writing code

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Google last year introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages to accommodate the increasing influx of mobile web users and their need for fast loading websites. “AMP-ed” websites are extremely SEO-friendly and receive a ranking boost from Google. Look for more “AMP-ed” WordPress websites in 2018 with:

  • Improved mobile search experience
  • Speeds four times faster than regular websites
  • Use eight times less data in contrast to optimized pages
  • Including Virtual-Reality in web design

    WordPress now supports 360 degree photos and videos, so an enhanced VR plugin could be on the horizon.WordPress is at the forefront of web design and development. WordPress plugins that enhance user experience are shown to improve business

    Video headers

    Video headers allow brands to communicate their branding and messaging in an engaging way. The WordPress themes Balzac and Inspire feature video headers and we expect more themes to improve the use of video in web design.WordPress design trends will dominate in 2018 with video headers and backgrounds taking center stage.