Some most commonly used terms in the world of web are web hosting, web server, domain name, bandwidth etc. In this article, we will discuss all these terms in detail.

People commonly ask a question how public will access my website and where I have to put the files of my website. We know that a website is a collection of files or pages and these pages may contain images, text, multimedia, scripts and anything else related to website, so these files should be store on a system that are accessible to the world. This system is called web server and storing web pages on web server is called web hosting.

A web server has three basic tasks: Storing of web pages, sharing of these web pages to other people who access website via web browser, and keeping track of all the people accessing the website’s files and make records about them.

It is important to look for different options of web hosting companies before making a final decision, and it is better to do this during planning stage because the services and features offered by hosting companies may impact on your site. Different hosting companies offer different services and features, but choice depends upon your need. How to determine best suitable hosting company is described in next article.

Now we talk about second commonly asked question, what is domain name. Domain name is the address of a website same as you have physical address of your house. If someone wants to visit your website then he should has it’s location or address to reach there, and this address is called domain name. Domain names are actually IPs but translated into a format which is easy to read and remember for humans.

Suppose, if you have to type IP address of each website like for Youtube, for Facebook, and for Yahoo etc, and if a website has multiple IPs then what? How someone can remember these IPs? It is more easy to remember human readable words than IP addresses and this conversion is done by DNS (Domain Name Server).

To launch a website, we need both things i.e. web hosting (in other words web server to host website files) and domain name (address of the website, so that people can reach there). There are many companies who offer both services at very affordable prices. So, it’s time to decide the name of website, why not reserve both name and space at the same time. Read How to determine a web hosting company