Google is propelling a refresh to Google Drive today that will make it less demanding for groups and offices to utilize a blend of G Suite and Microsoft Office while working with their associates and clients.
With this refresh, Google Drive clients would now be able to effectively remark on Office records, PDFs and pictures in the Drive see sheet without using (and possibly pay for) instruments like Microsoft Office or Acrobat Reader — or converting them to Google Docs, Sheets or Slides documents. That is not exactly the continuous remarking highlight you get from G Suite or Office 365, yet it’s still superior to having to continually change over records forward and backward amongst Office and G Suite.
This element joins other Google activities, including its Drive module for Outlook, that expect to make Office and G Suite more interoperable. In Google’s optimal world, everyone would simply utilize G Suite, obviously. In any case, while Google has influenced its blemish on the profitability to advertise over the most recent couple of years, Microsoft’s Office devices stay much more well known in many organizations. That is particularly valid for huge undertakings — a market that Google pines for in any case, generally, is as yet attempting to prevail upon.