Smarter time is a London-based startup. Their goal is to make it easy for people to keep tabs on your day-to-day activities so that you can have knowledge about your routine and make your routine perfect and spend more time on the things you actually care about.
For this Smarter Time has created an Android app that is Based on your location and your previous activities, the app actually makes a guess at what it is you’re doing. So, if you’re in an office building from 10 to 6, it’ll assume you’re hard at work.
Smarter Time Android app learns from what you tell this app For example,If you walk along a certain route, and you tell the app you’re walking your dog, it’ll learn from this, and use the information as it goes forward. It can also track your call logs, so you can see how long you’re actually spending on meetings. It can also look at your phone’s information, in order to track what you’re up to. So, if you’re messing around with Facebook, or binging Rick and Morty on Netflix, it’ll know.This is how the app works.
Initially, the app will make some pretty sketchy guesses. That’s often because indoor GPS signals (it uses location data extensively) are seldom precise. You need to be disciplined, and make sure you proactively correct Smarter Time when it errs.
It also offers a Mac and Windows app that does a similar thing. It tracks what you’re doing, and uses the data to build your daily profile.
The aim is to allow users to exercise discipline in their life. If you want to learn to play an instrument, it might be useful to know how much time you’re wasting watching movies, browsing Reddit, or spending down the pub.
One of Smarter Time’s strongest features is that it’s private by design. Data is stored on the phone. If you pay for the premium version, it’s uploaded to the cloud, where it sits in a form that’s entirely unreadable to Smarter Time. While they can do backups, they can’t do any analysis of the data.
My only other major criticism of the app is that it’s pretty taxing when it comes to battery life. I used it primarily on my BlackBerry KEYone (although in the pictures above, it’s running on a Xiaomi Mi Pad 3), and found that it cut my phone’s otherwise sterling stamina by about a quarter. That’s because it’s constantly awake, and constantly pinging your location services.