Amex on Tuesday announced about deal with Mezi ,amount is not disclosed yet.It is a AI-based virtual travel assistant app that helps users plan and book trips . Mezi helps passengers with hotel reservation and booking tickets for trips reservations through the app’s SMS-like interface Mezi then makes suggestions and, once it figures out what users want to do, forwards requests to human assistants to finalize bookings.
Phil Norman, Vice-President of American Express Digital Labs said “Mezi’s AI-powered experience opens up exciting new ways for us to connect with and serve our Card Members and creates opportunities for us to build more meaningful relationships with them”
AmEx made an investment in the app back in 2016 and its technology is already powering AskAmex, a personal concierge app for cardholders that launched its pilot program last year.
Mezi combines AI with human expertise to personalise its results for travelers
After the deal closes, Mezi will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Express.
American Express Digital Labs vice president Phil Norman in a press statement said With messaging emerging as the channel of choice for many, and the demand for unique experiences increasing, we believe the combination of Mezi’s capabilities with our global network of expert travel counselors creates a differentiated, high-touch service experience for our card members.
Mezi was Founded in 2015 as a personal shopping chatbot, Mezi builds its own deep learning and natural language processing systems instead of using services by IBM Watson and other providers.Mezi raised a total of $11.8 million, including a $9 million Series A announced in July 2016 that was led by American Express Ventures, the company’s investment arm.